Dieng Culture Festival, yes again in the 2017's

Dieng Culture Festival, yes again in the 2017's
Dieng Culture Festival, yes again in the 2017's, cool cultural event this one comes back to spoil the tourists in the country and abroad. The unique culture that exists in Dieng Culture Festival 2017 event become an attraction for thousands of tourists to witness the cultural performance is the best in the village of Dieng. Not to be missed ya!

Razor dreads
Dieng children who have dreadlocks hair will be cut gimbalnya, after their separate desires of the child. Cutting these dreadlocks in a series of activities Dieng Culture Festival. Every child who gimbalnya hair to be cut, they may ask for something and the request should be met.

There are unique and funny every request dreads children. This is the main attraction, besides the uniqueness dreadlocks.

Carnival culture
There are so many cultural performances typical of Central Java who can you witnessed during the event Dieng Culture Festival. You can learn about every culture that exists. Through this cultural carnival, insights youll Javanese culture in particular, will increasingly tablets.

Jazz on cloud Dieng
You can enjoy the beautiful creativity of jazz and pop for jazz on this Dieng clouds. Dieng village beautiful night wrapped the cold, you ready to watch jazz on a cloud until late at night? Be sure to have warm clothes and thick yes, to avoid freezing.

Festival of lanterns Dieng
Dieng Culture Each participant will get one lantern, so that there are the thousands of lanterns to be flown that night. We will be pampered with a beauty of a star-studded night lanterns. To be sure, you should capture this moment yes, because the picture is an unusually good guaranteed.

Fireworks Dieng
Fireworks have become another activity that can be friends witnessed during Dieng Culture Festival. Definitely crowded and wonderful evening fireworks on Dieng. This coupled with a familiar atmosphere that is created among the visitors at the festival.

Dieng scooter
Many natural attractions we visited during follow Dieng Culture Festival. Bukit scooter became one of the places that you can visit. In addition, there is another Sikunir hill, where you can enjoy the golden sunrise with friends.

Do not forget to come to Dieng Culture Festival, yes!