Travel Borobudur Yogjakarta

Travel Borobudur Yogjakarta
Travel Borobudur Yogjakarta
Candi Borobudur Yogjakarta or Travel Borobudur Yogjakarta
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Borobudur Temple is one of the objects of the best past relic in the world, even Borobudur was once crowned as one of the seven wonders that exist in the world. Borobudur Temple is actually the largest Buddhist temple and is a site frequented by tourists, both domestic and abroad to date. The uniqueness of Borobudur's opium form makes it not one of the past buildings in the world that resembles it.

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Based on records on the inscriptions found, Borobudur was built between the 8th century when Samaratungga (King of the Syailendra Dynasty) ruled. The meaning of Borobudur itself in Sanskrit is the Monastery on the hill. Borobudur is filled with philosophical ornaments containing philosophical and cultural life in the past.

To reach Burubudur temple, from Yogyakarta you can use many travel travel services here at a relatively affordable price. Usually Borobudur temple tour packages combined with other tourist objects, such as Prambanan Temple. Some travel packages also offer Borobudur Sunrise, sunrise views between the splendor of the temple and its statues into spectacular scenery that you will never forget.

In kesururhan there are 504 Buddhas with meditative attitudes and six different hand positions along the temple.

Temple Corridor
During the restoration in the early 20th century, found two smaller temples around Borobudur, namely Pawon Temple and Mendut Temple that line with the Borobudur Temple. Pawon temple is 1.15 km from Borobudur, while Mendut Temple is 3 km from Borobudur Temple. There is a belief that there is a religious relationship between the three temples but still not known exactly the process of ritual.

The three temples form a route for the Waisak Day Festival that is held every year during the full moon in April or May. The festival is a reminder of the birth and death, and the enlightenment given by Gautama Buddha.

How to Go to Locations
The nearest major city of Borobudur is Yogyakarta as far as 40 km. The nearest town is Magelang as far as 17 km. The capital of Central Java, Semarang, is 90 km from Borobudur.

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