Travel and Travelling Parangtritis Beach Yogjakarta

Travel and Travelling Parangtritis Beach Yogjakarta
Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta
Pantai Parangtritis Yogjakarta or Travel and Travelling Parangtritis Beach Yogjakarta
More Information  Travel and Travelling Parangtritis Beach Yogjakarta

Parangtritis Beach is located on the southern coast of Yogyakarta City including tourism destinations in Bantul famous to foreign countries. Because the location of the beach is quite strategic, and not too far from this city makes parangtritis more visitors than other beaches. Just about an hour from town, travelers can get there to enjoy the scenery. More than that, what the heck of the parangtritis? Already know the history of Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta?

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History of Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta

Lots of historical stories and myths that developed behind the name Parangtritis. As if storing a thousand interesting stories to be known other than to enjoy the panorama. According to the story of the community, a long time ago there was a man named Dipokusumo who escaped from Majapahit Kingdom.

At that time he was meditating, seeing from the crevices of a rock that dropped many drops of water. In Javanese, coral is also called "paran". While the water droplets are called "tumatitis", so that the name of the area with the title "Parangtritis" means water dripping from the rock. Perhaps the story became one of the origin of Parangtritis Beach Special Region of Yogyakarta.

The story of Parangtritis Beach

Already many who know if Parangtritis Beach is believed to be part of the embodiment of trimurti unity for the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Namely objects, icons or other very attached to the mystical side of the city of Jogjakarta. Trimurti consists of Mount Merapi which has a fire element, Parangtritis Beach which has a water element and the Palace of Jogja serves as a counterweight to both. Which lies all of them form a straight line from north to south of Jogja region.

Parangtritis Beach Myth

In addition to the above story, Parangtritis Beach Mystery also developed in the local community and even outside tourists believe that Parangtritis Beach is the gate of the Royal Palace of the South Sea is part of the Southern Queen dominated by Nyai Roro Kidul.

Furthermore, there is a myth of parangtritis beach that has grown even today still trusted and maintained. Ie the story of Nyai Roro Kidul who loves things green.

So it goes with advice but leads to a ban on parangtritis beach for tourists not to wear clothes or green objects while there. This is because, it is said, if until Nyai Roro Kidul interested, you can be dragged into the sea to be invited to join or become a soldier when it gets real green color.

Apart from all the myths that exist, Parangtritis Beach Visitors still have to be careful because the waves there can be spelled out very large. Hence, visitors are forbidden to bathe on the beach because the beach landscape is very steep and dangerous.

Description Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis is the most famous tourist attraction in Yogyakarta. Parangtritis has unique scenery that is not found in other tourist attraction that is sand dunes are mountains of sand around the beach. This gumuk is said to be the only desert in Southeast Asia. Here, you will feel you are in Africa because of the vastness of the sea of ​​sand and the warmer air than the surrounding area.

Apart from the big waves it. The usual potential of this until this parangtritis, to make the Bantul regency hand in hand managed it properly, by providing lodging facilities until the market that sells typical souvenir Parangtritis.

In Parangtritis also available ATVs that can be rented at a price of about Rp 50.000 - Rp.100.000, horse and horse carriage that can be hired to walk the beach from east to west enough with RP. 20,000. In addition Parangtritis is also a suitable place for aerial sports, available lodging or hotels in Parangtritis Beach, Warung snack, Shop crafts, Grocery store and a large parking lot. Entrance tickets Parangtritis Beach equivalent to the entrance of Depok Beach Jogjakarta is Rp. 5,000, - / person. The price is cheap is not it?

Location Parangtritis Beach

Distance of Malioboro to Parangtritis Beach about 28 km. This location can be reached through a village called Kretek. Namely the village located on the edge of Parangtritis road. When you are in an out-of-town position, take the route through Jl. Parangtritis, follow that direction to the south to get to Parangtritis Beach. This route is the fastest and smoothest for the tourists who are not so familiar with the ins and outs of the road to Parangtritis Bantul tourist area Special Region of Yogyakarta 55772.


Parangtritis charm

For those of you who want to enjoy the different scenery on the way to Parangtrits Beach, take this one route that is through the southeast side of the city of Jogja, the scenery is quite beautiful through the road Imogiri