The colonial period in Indonesia has not only left a deep wound for all Indonesians

Bandung Tempo Dulu
The colonial period in Indonesia has not only left a deep wound for all Indonesians. Behind the collapse of the whole country, it turns out the burning spirit in making improvements, to fruition. Traces of history are left standing still adorn the panoramic beauty that today is unique and classic impressed. You can see in several cities in Indonesia with collection of historic buildings that until now still well maintained. No exception in Bandung West Java. Bandung has Bandung tour past Old Town Parahyangan. This tour offers the beauty of the various corners of the city with the nuances of the past. Sure enough, although the face of the city a bit much has changed with the face of new buildings, but, the original atmosphere is still thick feel.

The buildings of Bandung past and present do not have much change in terms of architecture. Just make it look like it looks like new buildings. This relics not only on the building, but some places like the square of Bandung past. This central square or city now looks more beautiful with lots of trees growing around the square. In addition, the magnificent buildings are now beginning to decorate the surrounding landscape. Check out other explanations about some places in the tourist area of ​​Bandung past the following:

Front Area or Corridor Bandung Tempo Dulu
In this area, you will see various designs of old Bandung house in the past New Town with various models and a very fantastic price reached 8 billion. You are a hobby of collecting antiques including residential homes, immediately gas your vehicle to the city of Bandung. The houses are neatly lined up with various concepts. This region is made in such a way to commemorate the nickname Parijs Van Java ever embedded in the city of Bandung. This location is located on Jalan Cipaganti, Jalan Riau, and Jalan Cilaki.

Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung Tempo Formerly

Hearing the name of the place alone, surely your memory will immediately ring on behalf of an association who had a meeting in Indonesia, precisely in Bandung. Yes, exactly. Asian African Conference. The conference was first held in Indonesia. To commemorate the event, the same street name was created with the conference in front of the building where the event was held. You can see a building with a lot of flagpoles in front of it. In time, will be seen the flags of various countries flying beside Asia Afrika Road.

Pictures of Bandung Tempo Used Jalan Braga

In addition to Jalan Asia Afrika, there is also a street that became an ancient corner in Bandung, namely Jalan Braga. In the beginning, this street was named Pedatiweg Street. Over time, because the area is often bypassed by people who follow Tonil Braga society, it is often called Braga when people will come to the place. Until now, the road is more popular with the name of Jalan Braga. Around this street, there are still shops that still maintain the old building as a place to sell. There are also traders of classical paintings that display his paintings on a row of sidewalks. While down the braga street, you can see the paintings. There are also drug stores and so forth. This region is indeed a shopping center during the colonial period. Not only that, Bandung is famous as a center of trademark and fashion. In his fame, Bandung got the nickname Parijs Van Java. Because almost match the City of Paris as the center of fashion trends. You can find banyal things on Braga Street, including buying knick-knacks as souvenirs.

Great Mosque of Bandung Tempo Dulu
Area that is part of the history of Bandung past is the mosque. Predictable. This mosque building of the Dutch era adopted various architecture, not only from local only. Seen from the shape of a pointed roof, as well as a buffer pole that not only reflects the shape of the building in the country. What distinguishes the mosque building in general is the absence of a commonly used tower as a place to put the loudspeakers. But over time, the Great Mosque experienced several changes such as the placement of towers of large size and height, buildings with permanent materials, and so forth. You can see the whole up to the building by typing in Bandung past Youtube on google app or search for documentary video of Bandung past that related to this mosque.

Gedung Sate Bandung

Building this one is not only an icon of Bandung alone, even West Java province also known for the sate building. Gedung Sate is the center of government of Bandung. Named so not because of the shape of the building that resembles sate or food. In the tower of this building, there is an orname