These sights hold much of the history that was supposedly in ancient times occupied by the people in the Ciung story.

Ciung Wanara Legend
Indonesia, which has many ethnic and cultural tribes, has a very wide range of folklore. From one area in one village alone, the dialect of language and daily habits is different. Things like this that gave birth to the uniqueness of society in culture. This time that will be discussed in this article is a very famous legend of the Sundanese tribe of West Java. Tale Ciara Wanara. Many have authenticated this story through movies, books, and videos. If you want to see the whole legacy of this Ciung Wanara legend, you can come to Bandung, West Java.

These sights hold much of the history that was supposedly in ancient times occupied by the people in the Ciung story. Almost similar to the tourist object of the temple. Only, the shape of this object is just the arrangement of stones. Each area has its own story that coherent and neat. You really want to know the integrity of the story Ciung Wanara, can follow step by step peninggalanya from beginning to end. Site location is purposely made is still natural so that the atmosphere created equal to the atmosphere of the original story. The silence of the place does feel mystical, especially when you arrive at a stone structure similar to a tomb. However, the atmosphere is thick with the history and uniqueness of the place will dispel you from fear.

The location of this tour is actually there in Ciamis, but because many places in Bandung that use the term Ciung Wanara, the Ciara Wanara is more clop with Bandung regency. You who are staying in the hotel area jl Ciung Wanara Bandung, can add to the agenda of the holiday and to define in this tourist spot. Not only the sites only, there is one important thing that is still awake, the magic kris Ciung Wanara. This keris is not ordinary keris because, how to get it only with science kanuragan. One named Masrukhan who according to the story is the person who has managed to take the original Ciung Ciara kris said, He needs extra power many times to be able to remove the dagger from within a stone. Keris is believed, guarded by the incarnation khodam white tiger. Not just anyone can touch the keris Ciung Wanara Prabu Siliwangi this. Because of its great strength it can suck up any incoming energy.

The history of Ciung Wanara is always interesting to discuss, review and retell. Travel for a journey whose terms of advice and life lessons are good as fairy tales to the children. You can also show the movie Ciung Wanara that you can get from the internet. Before retelling the story of Ciung Wanara, the following brief description of Ciung Wanara site is located in Karangkamulyan Village.
  • Sanghyang Bedhil
Bedhil or in Indonesian means gun. Rocky room within the Ciung Wanara Ciamis site is believed to be an armory. There is one form of stone that resembles a gun or bedhil, so this area is called Sanghyang Bedhil. There are two well-known weapons of magic at that time that is kris heirloom Ciung Wanara and heirloom Cakra Buana.
  • The symbol of worship
This site is a blunt stones shaped like a chair or a temple in mini size. Like other objects, this symbol of worship is also surrounded by stones as a fence.
  • Panyabungan Hayam
This place is circular with a stone fence. Right in the middle, grow a tree that is bungur tree. Panyabungan hayam is a place of fighting Ciung Wanara chicken with King of Substitute. Ciung Chicken is indeed smaller, however, it is very strong because it is the mother of a very powerful dragon.
  • Pangcalikan Stone
This area you will encounter after the entrance. This location consists of three pages that each page is bounded by a stone fence. Stone Pangcalikan is a stone with a height of nearly half a meter and measuring 92 x 92 cm wide.
  • Pamangkonan
Pamangkonan a stone fence with a square shape that surrounds small stones that are round. At each site, there is a gap that you can use as the entrance and reach the middle area.
  • Tomb of Sri Bagawat Pohaci & Batu Panyandaan
Panyandaan this form of space surrounded by a square stone wall that seemed to protect the triangular-shaped stone located in the middle. Not far from panyandaan there are round stones which is believed to be the tomb of Sri Bagawat Pohaci.
  • Cikahuripan
Cikahuripan this form of buildings commonly used for worship, and there are bathrooms that can be used for certain purposes.

The Legend of Ciung Wanara

To be more clear in viewing the integrity of the story, you can download the Ciung Wanara video. However, there is no harm, you first read the story from beginning to end, which will be written in the following solid and succinct.

Told in the era of Galuh Kingdom is still victorious, the King who named King King Permana Di Kusuma ruled to one of his ministers named Arya Kebonan to rule while his Kingdom during his hermitage to a place far away. The requirement to be met by Aryan is that He governs justly and is not tempted by the two wives of the king namely Dewi Pangrenyep and Dewi Naganingrum because He has been transformed by the King into a handsome man who resembles the face of the king when he was young. Desire and finally finally agreed and announced to the entire people that with his supernatural powers, the King has changed again to be young.

One day, the two empresses dreamed of the same thing, that of the moon. By the dream interpreter, the dream means that the King will soon have the sons of both queens and all of them are male infants. This is where the weirdness starts to happen. The baby conceived by Dewi Naganingrum can speak to King Barma Wijaya that if he could not lead the kingdom properly, his leadership would soon be over. Hearing the voice of Goddess Naganingrum, Barma Wijaya felt humiliated and eager to get rid of the baby she was carrying.

Sure enough, by the time of the birth of Naganingrum's crown prince, he dumped the baby and replaced it with a dog's baby. Dewi Naganingrum was expelled from the kingdom on the grounds that He had been punished by a god for giving birth to a baby dog ​​and embarrassing the royal family. He was finally cast out. But because the kingdom knows the bad behavior of King Barma, then the palace who was asked to kill not to kill the heart and make a house in the middle of the forest for Dewi Naganingrum.

One time a husband and wife who want to catch fish, surprised because the caught in the fish net is not a fish but a basket. Once the basket is opened, more surprised they are because it is a baby boy. The baby was finally treated until he grew up and named himself as Ciung Wanara. Ciung which means bird and Wanara which means ape. He is very vivacious and sprightly like the two animals and was about to go looking for the two biological parents with armed chicken from the egg grown that participated in the basket where he was thrown away.

In the Galuh Kingdom, he is increasingly famous for being a tough chicken hawk. Seeing the basket brought by Ciung, a minister recognizes that He is the son of Dewi Naganingrum and leads him to ask for half the kingdom when he wins against King Barma's cock. In his final battle, he won and succeeded in occupying half the kingdom and imprisoning the evil King Barma and Dewi Pangrenyep. He fought with his brother Hariang Banga son of Dewi Pangenyrep and separated by his father King Prabu. So it is said that the two sons of the king led two separate areas of Sunda and Java.

Hotel Ciung Wanara Bandung

The only popular hotel on Jl. Ciung Wanara Bandung is Wisma Dago located at number 16. The hotel provides complete facilities, close to the city center, and close to important locations around the hotel such as pharmacies, atm, etc. so it can be said that the location is quite strategic . Hotel street Ciung Wanara Bandung also provides a suitable recreation facilities to stay with family members, especially children. For children under 9 years old, no extra charges are required, except for babies who still need a baby cot. Hotel on the road Ciung Wanara Bandung is a recommendation for you.

Villa Ciung Wanara Bandung

This villa is located in the tea garden area. Already imagine is not, what kind of atmosphere in this villa? Ciung Wanara Bandung villa location is also strategic because it is close to tourist attractions. To be able to enjoy lodging facilities here, you must prepare funds up to Rp. 2,000,000. 

Location Ciung Wanara