Tourist attractions in Bali are very popular, and Attraction In Ubud Bali Accommodation

Ubud Tourism Bali
Ubut Bali. One of the tourist attractions in Bali is very popular, both for foreign tourists and tourists Indonesia is Ubud Ubud tourist attractions. Ubud as a tourist spot on the island of Bali, already famous since the 1930s.

Ubud tourism area included in Gianyar regency government. The regency has many talented artists and can be said to be the center of culture and art in Bali. Especially for painting, sculpture, sculpture, dance and Balinese traditional music.

What about the reader, the interest for a holiday to Ubud tourist attraction? If yes! Before planning a holiday to Ubud's tourist attractions of Bali, it's good readers know the appeal of Ubud as a tourist attraction.
Attraction In Ubud Bali Accommodation

For those who have never holiday to Ubud, will be wondering! What's in Ubud, so many tourists love the holiday to Ubud?

Ubud Ubud tourist attraction, has a location located between rice fields, forest areas and flanked by ravine with the river. The location is still natural, the main attraction of attractions in Ubud.

In addition to natural attractions, what else in Ubud? In addition to its natural conditions, Ubud is also famous for its arts and Balinese culture. Most of the local people of Ubud, everyday life can not be separated from the elements of art and culture in addition to many local people Ubud livelihood as an artist. Whether painting artists, handicraft artists or dance artists. Therefore, most of the roadside tourist areas in Ubud, there are many museums and shops that sell local artist craft.

In the Ubud tourist area, there are many star hotels. In addition to star hotels, there are also many lodging with a cheap price. If readers love museum and artistic tourism, attractions in Ubud are mandatory for readers to visit! Because in Ubud there are many art galleries, performances of music art and dance art, which is performed every night in Ubud area.

Perhaps readers have heard of Sukawati's art market! In the tourist area of ​​Ubud there is also an art market and better known by the art market of Ubud, which also sells local handicrafts at low prices such as in the art market Sukawati.

List of Ubud Bali Activities & Attractions
Below is a list of holiday activities and tourist attractions in Ubud a favorite tourist. Easy - easy list of holiday activities and attractions Ubud Bali, below! Can answer questions readers, about the attraction and interesting things to do while on vacation in Ubud.

1. Monkey Forest Ubud
Monkey forest Ubud, one of the attractions in Ubud that must be visited. The attraction of monkey forest Ubud as a vacation spot, lies in a beautiful forest that is still beautiful and in the forest there are many apes.

The monkeys that inhabit the monkey forest of Ubud are already tame. To maintain the security and safety of visitors, many officers are on guard in the forest area. Most visitors of Ubud monkey forest tourism object is tourists who vacation with children and family.

2. Rafting activity of Ayung River Ubud
In addition to a holiday by visiting the famous tourist attractions in Ubud. Ubud tourist area Bali is also very famous for the location of rafting activities. Rafting activity in Ubud, conducted on the river Ayung.

One reason many tourists who like rafting on the Ayung Ubud river, because the activity of rafting on the Ayung Ubud river is recreational, with the river flow is not strong.

3. Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud
Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud. A temple dedicated to worshiping the Goddess of Saraswati. At the temple of Taman Saraswati there is a typical carving Ubud Bali, has a lotus pond, surround the stage of Balinese dance performances. One type of Balinese dance that is staged is kecak dance.

4. Watch Kecak Dance In Ubud
One of the favorite activities of tourists while on vacation to Ubud, is to watch the performances of Balinese dance performances. One of Bali's favorite Balinese dance performances is kecak dance. If in Uluwatu temple the performance of kecak dance in one place, unlike in Ubud. Kecak dance performances in Ubud are in many places, with different schedules.

If readers are interested to watch the Ubud Kecak dance performance, find out in advance the staging schedule by clicking on the link below!

5. Arma Ubud Museum
Agung Rai Art Museum or better known by the name of the museum Arma Ubud, built on land that has the contours of the land up and down. One reason many tourists visit the museum Arma Ubud, because it has a very thick garden design with the feel of Balinese culture. Like the Lily Pound and angrek plants are arranged neatly in the garden area.

6. Rice Terraces Tegalalang Ubud
In Tegalalang Ubud rice terraces, readers will be able to see the stretch of terraced rice fields with a fairly steep slope. There are many cafes on the edge of the rice paddock road, with direct view of Tegalalang rice terraces.

If readers hooked to hang out with the natural scenery, the tourist attraction terraced rice fields Tegalalang Ubud, one of the attractions that must be readers visit. Most tourists who visit Tegalalang terraced rice fields, are tourists who run out of vacation from Kintamani attractions. Because Kintamani tourist route one way with rice terraces Tegalalang.

7. Elephant Cave Attraction object
If you are holiday to Goa Elephant attraction, do not expect to see elephant. Because Goa Gajah object is a cave that is used for the place of meditation during the 10th - 14th century AD. The attraction that makes tourists like to vacation to Goa Gajah, because Goa Gajah is an archaeological attraction, with the uniqueness of the carvings and readers can enter the cave area.

8. Pura Tirta Empul Tampak Siring
If the reader ever heard about the Presidential Palace Tampak Siring, beside it is the location of the temple Tirta Empul Tampak Siring. The main attraction of Tirta Empul Tampak Siring tourist attraction, lies in the natural springs in the temple area. Water from natural springs, in the drain gets outward from the temple in the form of water pancoran. The water from the pancoran is very clear and cool.

Location Map of Ubud Tourism Object