Vacation atmosphere can sometimes we miss with home cooking. You should try Cafe de Dapor restaurant cuisine located in Radana Kuta hotel.

Caffe De Dapur Bali
Vacation to Bali seems less fit when missed one of the most urgent thing that is enjoying the culinary. Unfortunately right, if you are on vacation with family but eaten only that-that's alias less berfariasi. In addition to not giving a new sensation during the holidays, the same food will make us less taste to enjoy it.

However, as Muslims, there are limits to the types of food that can be enjoyed during a tour, especially in Bali. Because not all the food served in this place 100% kosher. Need carefulness in choosing a place so you are not wrong in determining the dish to eat with your beloved family during the holidays.

To facilitate you in determining where to eat or restaurants that provide kosher menu, here we will provide a recommendation list of places to eat in Bali that you deserve to try as a complementary tourism in Bali.
Cafe de Dapoer

Vacation atmosphere sometimes we can miss with home cooking. Well .. if you feel this way, you should try the cuisine of the restaurant Cafe de Dapor located in the hotel the Radana Kuta. This delicious Balinese dining place has a variety of cuisine that is very tempting.

One of the dishes that you should not miss is the fried chicken Mamie. The aroma of fried chicken will remind you of the atmosphere of home cooking, so it can cure the feeling of miss home while on vacation. As a dessert there is a banana fried the Abang with a bandage or brown sugar sauce. Very fun is not it?

One of the most important things about this restaurant is getting a halal certificate in its cooking. So, you do not have to worry about eating delicious and delicious cuisine from Café de Dapor restaurant. Good place to eat in Bali halal this one is safe as a culinary tour of Bali the Muslims.

When viewed in terms of completeness of furniture, this restaurant is very close to the nuances of Java, which prioritizes the results of wood with a unique carving. With the typical is what makes this restaurant very loved tourists to relax with family. If you are on a vacation in Kuta beach, do not forget to enjoy a meal at this fine dining place in Bali is cheap.

Location Cafe de Dapoer