West Java province is no less contribute tourism potential for Indonesia. Especially in big cities like Bandung and Bogor.

Pelabuhan Ratu
West Java province is no less contribute tourism potential for Indonesia. Especially in big cities like Bandung and Bogor. However, other cities or districts also participate donate sihang in the form of natural or artificial tourism that is widely known among travelers. Sukabumi regency for example. For those of you who have never been to this area, would be wondering, what attractions can be visited? However, when mentioned about the beach attractions Pelabuhan Ratu West Java, you certainly know it? Tourism mainstay of West Java Province is already popular even to foreign countries.

Actually, Pelabuhan Ratu, or in the correct spelling is Palabuhan Ratu, is a district town. This coastal regency is famous for its beautiful coastal beaches in the Gunung Kidul district of Yogyakarta. The beach of Pelabuhan Ratu Sukabumi is as interesting as other coastal charms in the South Sea. This beach plus value is high waves looming and often used as a surfing location for surf lovers. Due to such circumstances, Pelabuhan Ratu Pantai is not at all safe to use as a location for other beach activities such as swimming. But calm down, there is a freshwater pool provided by the manager to channel your desire to play water. Address Pelabuhan Ratu Beach is located in Pelabuhan Ratu District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province.

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach History

The written historical story can not be separated from the history of Pelabuhan Ratu itself. However, the complete history of the name or place of concern is not entirely reliable. Because, residents themselves seem to deny something behind the name Pelabuhan Ratu. They are only proud because the word pinned on their area has a good meaning, that is noble. If traced, it could be said Queen was taken from a woman of Dutch nationality who had built a bridge in the area that is Queen Yuliana. There is also a link the word Queen in here with the figure of South Coast Ratu Kidul who supposedly also controls this Pelabuhan Ratu area.

Pantai Pelabuhan Ratu Angker

Due to the slang of the mystery story that exist, many consider the location of Pelabuhan Ratu Beach in West Java is full of haunted atmosphere. This is reinforced by the existence of supernatural things that supposedly can be seen clearly through the observation of the supernatural who can see something behind the beauty that exists. Mystery Beach Pelabuhan Ratu that can be seen by us as a human being is the existence of room number 308 at the location of Ocean Beach Hotel. Many believe that the room is used by the Queen of South to welcome the "guest". You can see the typical atmosphere of Queen of Kidul with the many green color and offerings of typical smell in the room. Another Pelabuhan Ratu Beach myth is about the visitors who died when traveling to the beach. He said, visitors who died because of swept away waves are the cause Nyi Roro Kidul who was angry. Either because of the attitude of visitors who are not obscene or casually underestimated the cautious appeal of the manager. There are even myths that circulate like on the other south coast, the ban to wear green clothes. Can believe it can not yes. However, as a good tourist, we should still respect the existing culture.

Admission Price of Pelabuhan Ratu Beach

The price of admission to be paid is cheap. Almost the same as other tourist attractions that is around Rp. 2,000 to Rp. 5,000 only. Do not worry about the cheap price. Pelabuhan Ratu Beach Tour located in West Java Province is already complete your tour with a fairly complete facilities. These facilities include places of worship, food stalls, security posts, rides for children, souvenir shops, places to relax, and tourist maps Pelabuhan Ratu.

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach Hotel

For those of you who come from out of town, you do not have to worry about where to stay. There are many options that you can choose from 1 to 5 star hotels. Among the hotels that stand, there are several hotels that become the mainstay of the visitors. Here's the review.

Hotel Mahkota Pantai Pelabuhan Ratu
The hotel is located on Jl. Pelita. From the direction of Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, the hotel is only about 0.78 kilometer. The cost per night that you must prepare to stay at Mahkota Pantai Hotel Pelabuhan Ratu is starting from Rp. 332,500 an. The facilities provided are quite complete. You can relax with all the facilities.

Hotel Pantai Mutiara Pelabuhan Ratu

Hotel Mutiara is located on Jl. Raya Cisolok, District Cisolok. This inn is very beautiful because it utilizes the concept of nature, which is to increase the green space around the location.

Inna Samudra Beach Hotel
This inn is a seafront seaport hotel. The location is right by the beach. It can be imagined, yes, the main view of Ocean Beach is the blue sea of ​​the Indian Ocean. Maybe this is the background of this hotel called Samudra Beach. This hotel is the owner of room 308 which mashur akan keangkerannya.

Hotels in Pelabuhan Ratu Beach Sukabumi West Java 43364 Others

There are still some hotels recommended when you travel to Pelabuhan Ratu. Such as Desa Resort, Villas Lagusa Hotel, Ketapang Resort, Pondok Dewata Hotel, Padi-padi Beach Resort, Hotel Karang Sari, and several others. The accommodation can be rented from Rp. 300,000's. You can contact the hotel directly to get exact price information.

In addition to Sukabumi Beach Pelabuhan Ratu itself, along the coastline of Pelabuhan Ratu Regency, there are other beaches that are equally beautiful and charming. The beaches have their own characteristics but still remain with the main waves of South Beach. The beach at Pelabuhan Ratu that you can visit when arriving in Sukabumi Regency are:

Karang Hawu Beach Pelabuhan Ratu

Among the other beaches in Pelabuhan Ratu, Karang Hawu Beach is the most popular among tourists. The place is well ordered, in addition, the facilities provided are also adequate. Karang Hawu Beach has a long coastline that is as far as 4 kilometers. It has two parts of the beach that is the beach with the corals towering and the stretch of brownish white sand. At Pelabuhan Ratu Beach Karang Hawu, you can spend time relaxing by walking around the location because it has provided a special street like a sidewalk and a typical beach photo. Image Pelabuhan Ratu beach is already viral among the traveler who uploaded the photos in this place. You will have no trouble getting a detailed picture of Karang Hawu Beach.

Cimaja Pelabuhan Ratu

As in Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, Cimaja Beach is a favorite spot for fans of surfing activities. The waves are large enough but sloping, perfect for you who are in the learning phase. However, do not try to do it yourself yes, you must still be accompanied by a team of experts or coaches. For you who just want to remove fatigue, you can relax while enjoying the beach air on the easy chair that you can rent.

Citepus Beach Pelabuhan Ratu

This beach has a fairly sloping beach. With its white sand beaches and the color of sea water that lure, making the right combination of beach panorama. Beach near Pelabuhan Ratu has a beach with wide sand. Occasionally, you will see fishing boats in the sea fishing. Although Citepus Beach is in the bay and fronted by hills, however, Citepus Beach is still decorated with large waves. You have to stay careful. Because, the waves that look calm, not always safe.

Cisolok Pelabuhan Ratu

When in Cisolok District, you are not only treated to views of the beach and sea only. Moreover, Cisolok is famous for its unique hot water baths because it is located in a location close to the beach. This hot water bath blends with the river flow, hot water emerging from the earth's belly emerges from small stone gaps that rise up to 3 meters.

Cibangban Beach Pelabuhan Ratu

This beach has the characteristic of a rock that blocks the waves on the beach. Cibangban beach has the same sand color with the previous beaches but with a narrow beach. Another characteristic of this tourist spot is the presence of coconut trees that thrive on the edge of the beach. If you look sideways, you will see the rising hillside scenery with its dark green color which gives the impression that Cibangban Beach is in a very low location with its rolling waves.

Loji Beach Pelabuhan Ratu Sukabumi

This one beach looks more fierce than other beaches. The location is filled with rocks and corals and a very small stretch of sand makes this beach becomes empty of visitors. Existence exists, never escape from the rolling ocean waves of the Indian Ocean that slammed hard against the existing rocks. For you lovers of challenge, you can with pleasure relax by the edge of the beach. However, it must be with extra caution. You can see the photo of Pelabuhan Ratu Sukabumi Beach this one to prove the ferocity of Loji Beach.

There is still one more beach in Sukabumi which is often used as a mainstay for a holiday that is Beach Ujung Genteng. Besides beach tourism, there are still tourist attractions Sukabumi no less beautiful and interesting. There is Waterfall Sawer and Geopark Ciletuh. 

The location of Ratu Pelabuhan Pantai