Mount Bromo is a mountain of tourism contained in national park bromo tengger semeru

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park
Mount Bromo is a mountain of tourism contained in national park bromo tengger semeru Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park has large trees and hundreds of years old is a conservation site in Indonesia that has a unique sea-shaped sand area of ​​5. 250 hectares, which is at an altitude of ± 2. 100 mtr. From sea level.

In the sea of ​​sand found seven eruption centers in two lines crossed from east to west and northeast to southwest. From the northeast to the southwest of this mountain bromo seen countless active volcanoes that can at any time emit smoke eruption and threaten human life around him (± 3. 500 soul).

Mount BromoGunung Bromo

Mount bromo has a crater with a medium line ± 800 mtr. (North-south) and ± 600 mtr. (East West). But where the danger is a circle with radius 4 km from the center of the crater of bromo.

Tengger tribe that exist around the national park is indigenous tribes who embrace the Hindu religion. According to legend, the history of tenggerese origins from the exiled kingdom of Majapahit. Unique, see the people in more or less (su ku ku tengger) look no sense of fear even knowing the mountain bromo it's hungry-ya, counted also tourists who visited the national park bromo tengger semeru at ceremony kasodo.

Ceremony ceremony held every year (december / january) at bln. Full moon. At the ceremony, the people of bromo or tengger tribe appeal for abundant harvest or reject the reinforcements and healing of various diseases, namely by offering offerings by throwing it into the crater of Mount Bromo, while another tengger society must descend the crater cliff and reach to catch the offerings Thrown into the cauldron, as a baraka of the almighty.

Seizing the offerings is a very interesting attraction and challenging all terrible. Because often between them fall into the crater.

The location and attractions of Mount Bromo are interesting places to visit:

Cemorolawang. Between entrances to many visited national parks to see from too far the expanse of sand and bromo crater, and camping.

Sea tengger sand as well as bromo mountain. Riding and climbing bromo mounts through the stairs and see the sunrise.

Pananjakan. See the natural scenery of mount bromo, mountain batok and mountain semeru.
Ranu pani, ranu regulo, ranu kumbolo and peak mountain semeru. The lakes are very cold and always foggy (± 2. 200 m. Asl) is often used as a transit area mountain climber semeru (3. 676 m. Asl).

Ranu darungan. Camping, animal / plant observation and charming natural scenery.

Best season visit: bln. Juni s / o october and bln. December s / d january.
How to reach: pasuruan-stall Dowo-Tosari-Wonokitri-Mount Bromo using a car with a distance of 75 km, unfortunate to overlap-shack Klakah-Jemplang-Mount Bromo using a car with a distance of 53 km, and Jemplang-Ranu pani-Ranu Kumbolo, 16 Km. Or from malang-purwodadi-nongkojajar-tosari-wonokitri-penanjakan approximately 83 km. From malang to ranu pani using the car approximately 70 minutes, followed by walking to peak semeru approximately 13 hours.

Location Mount Bromo