Tourist attractions Bawean Island is indeed not as famous as other islands tour in Indonesia.

Bawean Island
Perhaps you have been to Gresik, however, not knowing about Bawean Island, or have heard of Bawean deer, but not yet known Bawean Island. Tourist attractions Bawean Island is indeed not as famous as other islands tour in Indonesia. But do not be mistaken. This Gresik tour keeps a million charms.

At Bawean Gresik Island tourist spot, you can find beautiful beaches like Delegan Beach, unique things like Bukit Mushroom Gresik, and much more. One of the most outstanding things about this place is the Bawean deer. Deer that live in captivity include protected animals because they are threatened with extinction.

Although not yet known in depth by the tourists, the charm of Bawean Island is quite alluring. Evidently from year to year, visitors who come to this place is increasing. Both domestic and foreign tourists.

The Origin of Bawean Island
There is one story of history of Bawean Island that tells about the origin of the name of Bawean Bawean. Bawean comes from the Sanskrit language which means there is bright light or sunlight. The legend of Bawean Island of East Java began during the Majapahit kingdom. In the days of war, one of the warrior's ships was hit by a storm so that it had an accident in the sea, his soldiers were swayed in the open seas. Suddenly some soldiers were surprised by a view across the sea and attempted to approach him.

With the remnants of power, the soldiers went to the island across from the eye. How happy when it reached the destination, the public welcomed the arrival of soldiers. Unconsciously, senopathy pronounces the word Ba-we-an, to show a sense of awe at the beauty. Until now, the name Bawean is used for the naming of this island.

There is also a description that says that before the name Bawean, this small island is famous for the name of the island of daughters, because most of the island's population is women. The heads of families work wandering. Some of them work across the island of Java and some are abroad. But now, many Bawean Island women who work out of the island. Some are moving to Malaysia and Singapore.

Places of Interest in Bawean Island

There are many tourist charms on Bawean Island that visitors can visit. These places have their own uniqueness and uniqueness. For those of you who have never been to Bawean Island, here's a quick review of some of the corners of the place on Bawean Island that you can imagine first in elegance.

Noko Island Bawean
The island is located not far from the main island. Precisely adjacent to the island dyke. This tiny island only has an area of ​​1 square kilometer. The whole land of the island of noko is white sand. When viewed from afar, as if this noko island is a small land that stands out at sea level. Because it is located very close to the island of gilis, there is also a noko island called the island noko gili Bawean.

Noko Island Selayar
Island noko selayar or there is also a call with the island selayar Bawean has the same appearance with the island noko. Namely in the form of white sand in the whole island. This place has a lagoon on one side of the beach. The lagoon is a collection of sea water separated by something. Can be sand, rock, or something else. On this sail island, the lagoon is separated by sand. So, as if there is a small lake by the beach. In fact, the water is also a sea water.

Long Grave Beach
As the name suggests, on this beach there is a graveyard or tomb with a long form. Not like a grave at the usual. This tomb is located on the beach, with a roof covered. The beach in this place is shaped like a peninsula, there are trees growing on the sides.

Lake Kastoba
Lake Kastoba is located in the middle of Bawean Island precisely Paromaan village, Tambak district. Tourists must pass hundreds of stairs to reach this place, because the lake kastoba is located on the hill. The lake is surrounded by green trees and clear water is a special remedy for visitors who feel tired with a long journey that must be taken.

From Sangkapura Subdistrict, visitors need travel time about 1.5 hours to reach the peak. This lake has an area of ​​725 hectares. An unspoiled place with a beautiful atmosphere is an attraction to linger in this place.

Location of Bawean Island Gresik East Java
Location Bawean Island is located on the north side of Gresik regency, more or less at a distance of 120 kilometers. You can reach Bawean Island with 2.5 to 7 hours. Yes, depending on the type of ship you ride. 

Here's a map of Bawean Island Gresik East Java: