Angkringan Jogja Most Suitable To Rest and Chat With Friends or Family.

Angkringan Yogjakarta
The city of Yogyakarta never sleeps, because it has a very patent activity. The atmosphere of the morning was still able to enjoy hanging out with simple in Angkringan Jogja is one option!

Yogja? Culinary Jogja is one of the public facilities that provides a social atmosphere, comfortable and also has artistic tours, nature tourism that always gives a new feel, angkringan Yogja is a culinary with traditional menu.

The word 'sego' is Javanese and 'nasi'  Indonesia. So, sego cat and halo tiger have meaning less or less cat rice and tiger rice. Of course, the portion of cat rice is inversely proportional to the portion of tiger rice.

Here are some Angkringan Yogjakarta already known by local people and students who live in Yogjakarta, among others:

1. Angkringan KR

Angkringan KR provides unique and traditional drinks, low prices, making this angkringan as a place to eat and rest for a moment with the density and activities that are relentless all the time.

Location AngringanKR on the main road to Tugu Station Yogyakarta, precisely on Jalan Margo Utomo or longer known as Jalan Mangkubumi. Angkringan is actually called angkringan Pak Jabrik. However, because it is located right in the courtyard of Kedaulatan Rakyat media office (commonly abbreviated as KR), then this angkringan became popular with the name Angkringan KR Yogja.

With the price of Angkringan KR menu is very cheap and dozens of rice menu lined up on carts, plus a variety of satay as a side dish. One more iconic food that the image is always attached to the angkringan, namely fried foods and also drinks such as wedang uwuh, wedang ginger, to wedang hot tape.

2. Angkringan Gareng Petruk

Not far from Angkringan KR Jogja, you can also visit Angkringan Gareng Petruk. Only 5 minutes walk to this angkringan if you come from the direction of Tugu Jogja. Located more south than Angkringan KR Jogja, but certainly, the menus here are no less exciting than other angkringan.

Same with angkringan-angkringan commonly found, carts in this angkringan you can approach to take the food. Joss coffee drink that has become a la Jogja coffee can also be ordered here. Here, you can enjoy the sky of Jogja at night

3. Angkringan Lik Man

Angkringan Lik Man gives a different feel for coffee lovers, coffee is named coffee joss. Joss coffee itself is the name for coffee drinks are given charcoal wood is still on. The name 'joss' is taken from the sound that appears when the burning charcoal is put into a coffee cup. In addition snacks that exist in Angkringan Lek Man is jadah bakar, jadah own is glutinous rice smoothed with coconut until the pulen. The combustion process itself is also unique because it is done on top of embers of furnaces used to boil water.

Angkringan Lik Man is close to downtown as you only need 5 minutes drive to this place from Tugu Jogja Station. Or more easily, if you walk from Malioboro, you just need to cross the railway at Tugu Station. Angkringan is located just north of Tugu Station.

4. Angkringan Wijilan

Gudeg is a typical food culinary Jogja, one of the gudeg place that has the original taste is located in Wijilan, Yogjakarta. However, in this discussion is Angkringan located in the center of gudeg Jogja.

Angkringan Pak Harjo or known Angkringan Wijilan located in Wijilan, Yogjakarta, then the community is better known as Angkringan Wijilan. Location Angkringan Wijilan just 500 meters from Wijilan gate to the south. Tea menu of typical Jogja nasgitel can be found in this Angkringan.